Friday, October 26, 2012

Pinwheel Christmas Card

Here's anoter card I used for my Christmas Card class a few weeks ago.  I just added a little burlap ribbon. 


  1. I love your card, so happy to find your blog, I am a follower and a fellow consultant. Hop over to my blog sometime when you can:


  2. Love your blog, especially the name! My husband also goes crazy when I make a scrapbook mess. It took him a while to understand that my craftroom is really my supply room and that the dining room table is my craft table!

    There are worst things to be addicted to-- that's what I say to husband.

    Good luck with your new blog, Maureen

  3. Thanks ladies! I have 8 followers now! Woo Hoo! Now if I can just get some videos done...

  4. So... How come you haven't posted anything since October?! Geez Shank! Get on it girl! ;-)